Controlled Chaos

19/25-27 Hocking St, Coburg North VIC 3058

Controlled Chaos is a weightlifting club located in Coburg North, Victoria. Josh Ward, Owner and Head Coach has been weightlifting for over 10 years and coaching for around 7 of those. Josh’s vision has always been about creating a supportive environment for his clients – whether they are looking to compete or just wanting to feel stronger and more confident in day to day life.

When deciding to take his business to the next level and move into a larger space, Josh came to Little Bloke Fitness looking for high end equipment that was going to be able to stand up to the rigours of Olympic weightlifting. Of most importance was getting in some of our 360 Strength Competition Bumper Plates for use in training sessions as well as on the platform during competitions.

With a focus on weightlifting, we put together a four-cell wall mounted rig system with one high end for ring work. The black rig with the competition plates loaded onto bars, is one of the focal points of the gym, particularly against the industrial concrete walls in the space.

Other key pieces of equipment selected by Controlled Chaos for their facility include 360 Strength Slam Balls, Hex Dumbbells, Battle Ropes, Plyo Boxes, and Sleds.

Watch an interview with Josh regarding his gym fit-out below:

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