Exercise balls

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Exercise balls are a versatile instability surface that makes exercises come with increased difficulty, working the muscles harder. A soft elastic feeling ball that range in sizes from 45 to 75 centimetres to accommodate people of varying heights, when a person exercises sitting or lying on an exercise ball the unstable surface of the ball causes a nervous system reaction leading to an increased recruit of muscle to maintain balance.

Working out with an exercise ball can improve coordination, core strength and balance.

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    4 products

    More on Swiss Balls

    Because of they first appeared in Switzerland, exercise balls are often called Swiss balls. They may also be referred to as stability balls, fitness balls, Pilates balls, yoga balls and physioballs. The name stability ball is often used by fitness professionals because of the stabilisation benefits provided by exercise balls.

    Which size?


    Suitable for combined sitting and exercise
    Your height Ball height
    < 150cm Junior 45cm
    150 - 165cm Small 55cm
    162 - 183cm Medium 65cm
    180 - 200cm Large 75cm
    198cm + X - Large 85cm
    Suitable mainly for exercise
    Your height Ball height
    < 160cm Junior 45cm
    160 - 175cm Small 55cm
    175 - 195cm Medium 65cm
    195cm + Large 75cm


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