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Cross Trainers or popularly known as Ellipticals are effective cardio equipment and often the go-to choice of those looking to lose weight. Used at high intensity, an elliptical burns more calories than the classic treadmill or exercise bike, and, unlike your usual treadmill or exercise bike that have high-impact on the knees, ellipticals have minimal impact on the joints, perfect for those with special health conditions or considerations.

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    2 products

    More on Ellipticals

    The motion of an elliptical is designed to allow you to mimic almost any type of cardiovascular exercise - enabling you to jog, walk, run or climb a staircase at multiple levels of resistance and intensity. Ellipticals also improve your balance and mobility, and have even been argued to improve recovery speeds after injuries and operations. A full body workout that requires minimal space, these machines are an absolute essential in any home or commercial gym.

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