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The barbell has long been a staple in weightlifting gyms. Choose from our range of standard 28mm diameter nickel plates barbells, specialty bars like EZ curl and Tricep bars, and loadable dumbbells. You can check out our Olympic barbell range here

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    10 products

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    Standard or Olympic?

    Barbells come in two main diameter specifications: Standard (usually 25-30mm thick) and Olympic (50mm thick). Standard bars are generally the most common as they suit everyday lifters. They come in a variety of styles such a straight bars, curl bars and tricep bars for different types of exercises and movements, so no matter what type of weight training you do, there is a bar for you.

    Olympic barbells are thicker and stronger than their standard counterparts and can therefore hold much higher weight loads. For this reason, they are usually better suited to more experienced and competitive lifters. They have a thicker shaft diameter with a 50mm rotating sleeve on the ends. Due to their larger and heavier nature, Olympic bars are more expensive than standard bars.

    In order to provide grip for the user, both types of these barbells will have knurling on them. This is a pattern that is cut into the bar to provide gripping points for the user’s hands and it also acts as a point of reference for the centre of the bar.

    Bars come in a variety of lengths, styles and weight ratings – including straight barbells in 5ft, 6ft and 7ft lengths, EZ (or zigzag) curl bars, tricep (or hammer curl) bars, trap (hex) bars, dumbbells, fat bars, safety squat bars and more. All bars are supplied with collars.

    Need advice?

    At Little Bloke Fitness, we stock a large range of bars and bar accessories to suit all types of training purposes. We can offer personalised advice based on your needs and type of training, whether you’re a professional lifter or just starting out with weight training. Simply call us on 03 9462 3943 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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