Power Racks and Cages

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Power Racks and Cages are essential for classic strength training and you'll find one in almost any gym in the world. Often the cornerstone of a gym, the rack defines the style of training, and range of exercises of your space.

Durable and flexible, our range of racks open you up to limitless possibilities - creating a safe environment to train an infinite variety of workouts in an all-in-one system equipped for squats, bench press, deadlifts, bodyweight training, and more.

Incredibly versatile, they offer users multiple training opportunities, from lifting safely without a spotter, to pull-ups, dips, and band and ring work, all within the one piece of equipment. With accessories including chin-up bars, dip handles and band attachments, they fast become central to any workout.

Select a rack below to learn more about it, including specifications, coatings and ratings. If you're looking for a bench and rack package, check our bench and rack packages here, or for full gym set-up, check out our gym starter packages here, including various rack, bench and plate combos.

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    31 products