Unify Fitness

Grovedale, Victoria 3216

Unify Fitness is an independently owned, group strength and conditioning facility located in Grovedale, Victoria, offering a personalised coaching experience that is affordable and designed for all fitness levels. The philosophy at Unify Fitness is simple - Quality Over Quantity.

Owner and head coach, Cal Pitts, first approached Little Bloke Fitness in 2018 to obtain a quote on some equipment for his new training facility. Cal knew exactly what he was after – good quality gear that was both versatile and functional and our range was a perfect fit.

A 10-cell free standing rig system was selected as the gym’s centrepiece. This coupled with a range of benches, barbells and bumper plates serves the basis for the strength classes run by Unify Fitness.  A large turf area was also of high importance for larger class programming, providing a space for functional, bodyweight and conditioning exercises to be performed. To facilitate this style of training, Unify added a comprehensive range of gear comprising of 360 Strength Wall Balls, Hex Dumbbells, Sleds, Battle Ropes, Wall Balls, Kettlebells and Timber Rings, as well as Concept 2 Rowers & Ski Ergs.

We are pleased to have provided Unify Fitness with a premium selection of fitness equipment for their space and love the community that they have built.

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