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Squat Racks and Stands are essential for classic strength training where limited space or budgets restricts using a full cage. They create a safe environment to train an infinite variety of workouts in an all-in-one system equipped for squats, bench press, deadlifts, bodyweight training, and more.

Squat Racks and Stands are incredibly versatile, offering users multiple training opportunities, from lifting safely without a spotter, to pull-ups, dips, and band and ring work, all within the one piece of equipment. With accessories including chin-up bars, dip handles and band attachments, they fast become central to any workout.

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    17 products

    What are Power Racks and Squat Racks

    Squat Racks / Squat Stands

    A squat rack or set of squat stands serve a similar purpose to power racks and cages in that they allow the lifter to safely load and unload weight plate from the bar while it is on the rack, and to “lift” the loaded bar off and on the rack. They are generally smaller than power racks, often with only two uprights, but still very stable. Squat racks and stands can also feature accessories similar to power racks, like chin-up bars, dip handles, band pegs and so on. For someone looking to train safely at home but with limited space or budget, a squat rack, or squat stands are a good fit.

    Power Racks / cages

    A power rack or cage essentially comprises four vertical posts and corresponding crossmembers that make up a box like frame. Added to this are positionable hooks (often described a j-hooks) or pegs and movable spotter arms (these are like horizontal bar catchers) on each side within the rack. The hooks give the lifter somewhere to rest a barbell on while they safely load / unload weight plates from it, and somewhere to and to lift the bar on and off during workout. The spotter arms allows for a safe free-weight workout.

    For example, in the bench press, a spotter arm is placed right above the athlete's chest. That way, during workout, it becomes possible to load the barbell with the maximum weight, since the spotter arms will prevent the barbell from crushing the chest in the case of a failure or accident. The same principle applies to squatting, and various other lifts within the rack.

    Many power racks also feature accessories like chin-up bars, dip handles, band pegs, and optional add-ons like lat-pulldowns, pec-decs, cable crossovers and plyometric attachments. For someone looking to train safely at home while pushing their weight limits (eg for strength training), a power rack is a safety must.

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