Dumbbells and Dumbbell Sets

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Dumbbells are one of the most fundamental, iconic and popular pieces of weight training equipment. Found in most commercial and home gyms due to their versatility in strengthening and conditioning workouts, dumbbells are a worthwhile investment for every type of training facility from the smallest home gym and specialty PT studios to professional sports facilities and commercial gyms.

There are two main types of dumbbell:

  • Loadable dumbbell handles, where weight plates are loaded and unloaded to increase / decrease the dumbbell weight. Eliminating the need for storing multiple weight setups, loadable dumbbell handles are the perfect cost-effective solution for anyone looking for home gym equipment with a smaller space, that still wants the function of regular dumbbells.

Available in 28mm standard and 50mm olympic sleeve diameters

  • Fixed dumbbell handles where the weight is fixed per handle and different handles are selected when a different weight is required. Offering convenience, fixed dumbbells are more expensive and require more space than loadable dumbbell handles.

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    110 products