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Our Training Stations are designed to target specific muscle groups in ways that promote more efficient movement and range-of-motion than typical free weights or multi-station gym machines can. By increasing the effectiveness of an exercise and better targeting certain muscle groups, greater gains in strength, conditioning, endurance and muscle mass can be seen. 

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    69 products

    More on Weight Training Machines

    There are many different types of weight training machines available – outside of the mainstream benches and racks – to help with your training. These include smith machines, single station workout equipment that targets one or two exercises per machine and are great for working specific muscle groups and multi-station gyms that can be used for a number of different exercises – and are great for working working a number of different muscle groups. 

    Need advice?

    At Little Bloke Fitness, we stock a large range of products to suit all types of training purposes. We can offer personalised advice based on your needs and type of training, whether you’re a professional athlete, just starting out or somewhere in between. Simply call us on 03 9462 3943 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.

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