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1RM Modular Storage Systems are a multi-purpose set of frames, racks and trays designed to help you set up your gym exactly the way you want it.

Every piece of gym and exercise equipment needs a home, and our 1RM range allows you to select from one of our pre-configured storage systems, or mix and match the elements you need to build the perfect solution for your space. Being modular, it can be pulled apart and reconfigured, upgraded or added to any other 1RM system to store balls, kettlebells, dumbbells, bars, bumpers, bands and much much more.

As part of the 1RM range, it's modular and compatible with other 1RM systems. Easily extend to add extra storage bays, add dumbbell shelves, storage hooks, bumper or bar storage, or attach to your rig system or squat rack for efficient space usage. 

This heavy duty storage solution is perfect for any environment where high quality and safety is demanded – from studios, apartments, home gyms and club and school weight rooms to full function strength and conditioning facilities.

Browse our range of pre-configured systems, and components below and if you can't find what you're looking for, or are unsure - contact us to discuss to allow us to help you build the solution you need.

    33 products

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