Mentone Grammar

Mentone, Victoria 3194

Mentone Grammar originally opened in 1923 and is a long standing independent school, with foundation students through to year 12. With a proud sporting history across a number of different sports, the staff at Mentone Grammar were keen to establish a high-class strength and conditioning facility to offer their athletes the opportunity to participate in before and after school sessions. Further, they were seeking a large open and safe space to run PE classes with students across all year levels.

The space measured approximately 240sqm in which over 200sqm of commercial grade flooring was installed, along with a dual lane sled track of around 37sqm. In order to maintain a large open space a 3-cell, compact, floor-mounted rig system was installed along one wall, as well as a functional trainer, a 4-bay mass storage rack, core bag stand and plate and bar storage. Two adjustable benches and two flat benches, a driver sled, two battle ropes, a resistance band station, rowing machines and spin bikes were also installed – providing users with a wide range of options whilst training.

Little Bloke Fitness were also able to offer Mentone Grammar custom branded bumper plates for their new facility – giving the space a professional and unique feel whilst continuing to promote a strong sense of community to their students.

Little Bloke Fitness delivered a long-term solution to Mentone Grammar staff and their students, and have confidence that the range of equipment provided will support the needs of all coaches, staff and students for years to come.

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