Melbourne Athletic

22 Concorde Crescent, Werribee, Victoria 3030

Melbourne Athletic provide athletes of all levels the opportunity to train with a personalised program in a high-performance setting. The brainchild of Michael Culliver & Justin Sanseviero, who have a long history in the sporting, health and fitness industry, their brand new facility in Werribee is the next step for the successful brand they’ve built over the last five years while based at Victoria University.

The team at Melbourne Athletic work with upcoming and established young athletes from a range of different sporting backgrounds to provide them with a hands-on, personalised and engaged training program – similar to those used at state and national levels, in a new, contemporary high-performance setting. By applying an integrated approach to Physiotherapy and Strength & Conditioning practices, Melbourne Athletic strive to provide their athletes with all the necessary tools to take their performance to the next level.

The fit out for Melbourne Athletic is fully equipped with a wide range of strength, functional and cardio equipment to cater for individual needs regardless of sporting background and fitness levels. The equipment is positioned in the gym to cater for one-on-one training sessions and has plenty of open space to allow for full sporting teams to attend and participate in group training. Complimenting the equipment, Melbourne Athletic also offer their athletes a recovery space complete with an infrared sauna, ice bath and compression boots and a quiet study retreat for getting some school work done around their training.    

A key piece of the gym is the 1RM Quad Cell Wall Mounted Rig System, complete with j-hooks, spotter arms and core trainers. This system, along with a range of barbells and bumper plates allows athletes to complete a full training program including squats, presses, pull ups, benching and band work and caters for up to four athletes to train simultaneously. Melbourne Athletic also invested in a range of smart storage solutions for barbells, bumper plates and dumbbells – making it easy for both the athletes and their trainers to set up and pack away the gear.  

Undoubtedly the standout of the gym is the 20 meter long by 2.4 meter wide turf track complete with rubber underlay, line markings and custom logo. The track is used extensively by the Melbourne Athletic team, not only for sled work but also as a space to undertake a range of fitness tests by making use of the entire length of the track and of the meter and quarter meter line markings. The track, complete with custom logo, has resulted in an open and inviting space for young athletes to train.

Rounding out the gym, Melbourne Athletic chose a range of flat and adjustable benches, speciality barbells, a GHD, Functional Trainer, Leg press, Air Bike, Ski Erg and Rower and a range of mixed implements such as Medicine Balls, Kettlebells, Plyometric Boxes, Hex Dumbbells and a Sled.