Our Story

What started small in a tin shed in Coburg, with the simple idea of being able to provide people with more affordable strength gear in a no hassle environment, has grown over the last 12 years to become more than we ever imagined.

To us, LBF was only ever going to be a side hustle. But, we got something right and our passion project continued to grow so we made the scary decision to quit the corporate world and invest everything we had in taking LBF on full-time. We moved out into our own warehouse / shopfront, employed our first staff member, and began focussing more on developing more of our own products, while continuing to deliver a high quality end to end service to our customers.  

Our focus at Little Bloke Fitness has always been on two things – supplying high quality products that we’d use ourselves - at an affordable price, and being transparent and honest in everything we do. That’s why we are continually developing, researching and testing our products and why we take the time to include detailed product photos and specifications on our site, in our quotes and in conversations with you. We don’t just want to sell you equipment, we want to sell you the best equipment that’s right for you.

Below is the LBF team as we stand today. A group of people with varied backgrounds and experiences who all love what we do and work hard every single day to provide a high level of customer service and to deliver quality strength gear to all of our amazing customers. Graeme and I are honoured to be able to come to work everyday with like-minded people who share our passion for health, fitness, fun and lifting heavy shit.

To this day, we still regularly serve customers who recall collecting equipment from the tin shed in Coburg while Graeme and I juggled LBF with raising young children and holding down other full time / part time jobs. We thank you for your support, your trust and for helping us to become who we are today - whether you purchased a single piece of equipment from us, kitted out a full home gym or a full commercial set-up. It’s truly been a pleasure serving you and supporting you in your pursuit of better health and fitness and we look forward to seeing you again soon.


Paula and Graeme.