Competition Steel Kettlebells

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Kettlebells are one of the simplest and yet most broadly functional pieces of equipment available. Perfect for cultivating strength, stability, and explosiveness, kettlebell movements train core-to-extremity motor patterns that are universally applicable.

The 360 Strength Competition Kettlebells are the exact same size regardless of the weight you are lifting. For example, the 8kg kettlebell is the same size as the 32kg kettlebell. This allows you to increase the weights you are working with, without having to adjust your form due to the size of the kettle bell being different.

Browse our range of Competition Kettlebell packages below and if you need more information, or you’re not sure which size or style is right for you, contact us for a chat.

Browse our range of Kettlebells below and if you’re not sure which size or style is right for you, contact us for a chat.

    1 product

    Competition Steel Kettlebells

    The 360 Strength Competition Steel Kettlebells are all one size, meaning that the size does not change as you move throughout the weight range. This means that unlike the normal classic kettlebells there is no need to adjust your technique to accommodate for the change in size as you become stronger.

    Cast in a single mold to create a stronger, more reliable handle, these kettlebells boast an outer surface - including the handle - free from edges or casting marks and a matte black powder coated finish, giving them a great feel, both with and without chalk. Each kettlebell features a wide secure base so it sits perfectly on the floor and does not wobble and the 360 Strength Competition Kettlebells have a cut-out in the main body that makes them much more comfortable to use than regular professional kettlebells. 

    Available in 2 kg increments from 8-12kg and 4kg increments from 12-32kg, each 360 Strength Kettlebell is weight stamped and individually colour banded on the handle to indicate weight denominations according to international standards, allowing users to easily identify the kettlebells weight on sight alone.

    Classic or Pro-grade?

    Our classic kettlebells are made from powdercoated cast iron, and increase in bell size and handle size as the weight increases. This makes the 4kg tiny, and the 40kg quite a bit larger, meaning you may need to adjust your technique as you increase the weight of your kettlebells.

    Pro-grade kettlebells (also known as competition or professional kettlebells) are made from steel, are more precise in their weight, and are uniform in size and shape as their weight increases. This means the 8kg kettlebell is the same bell and handle size as the 32kg kettlebell, so the movements will be the same as the size increases. Being made of steel, they tend to be more expensive than the cast iron classic kettlebells.

    Need advice?

    At Little Bloke Fitness, we stock a large range of strength and conditioning products to suit all types of training purposes. We can offer personalised advice based on your needs and type of training, whether you’re a professional lifter or just starting out with weight training. Simply call us on 03 9462 3943 or email us at and we’ll be happy to help.


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