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Slam balls can be used for a dynamic full body workout including ball slams, dead ball lifts, cleans and bear crawls. They also offer an intense alternative to traditional medicine ball exercises such as squats, lunges and carries.

With a hard, durable rubber shell and a loose sand filling, they are a dead weight and can handle a high velocity impact. Unable to bounce or roll, these balls are built to be slammed, dropped, flipped, beaten and more without fear of falling apart. 

Slam balls are available in a range of sizes from 3kg through to 50kg.

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    13 products

    More about Medicine Balls

    Medicine Balls can be incorporated into a fitness routine in several ways. For example, instead of placing both hands on the floor to perform push ups, exercisers can place one hand on the ball. This increases the challenge of the exercise because unlike the floor, the ball moves. The stabiliser muscles in the arms, shoulders and core are activated in an effort to maintain proper form. Lying on an exercise ball to get crunches provides the same benefit. Medicine balls come in a range of weights, with most beginners being able to handle 1kg. Experienced trainers will often work with much heavier weights.

    Wall balls are a core part of functional fitness training. The balls are weighted, like a normal medicine ball, but oversized and wrapped in leather or PU leather and designed to be thrown at a wall – repeatedly. The main movement involves taking a wall ball in the correct weight and performing a full squat and then launching the ball vertically to make contact with a target on a wall, then repeating. It is either loved or hated, but acknowledged as very effective.

    Slam balls , also known as dead balls are designed for throwing exercises. They have a hard, durable shell that can handle a high velocity impact but will not bounce. Slam balls are known to be more durable, and softer than standard medicine balls – in essence they're rubber balls filled with sand that will deform when impacted, with minimal bounce.

    Popular movements including the Ball Slam (which essentially involves holding a slam ball overhead and throwing it into the ground with as much power as possible (also making it one of the best stress relievers around) and its variations. It's important to note that normal medicine balls should not be used ball slams else it's likely you'll end up with a broken nose!

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