Why You Need Kettlebell Exercises to Help Prevent Injuries

Why You Need Kettlebell Exercises to Help Prevent Injuries

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Every athlete and personal trainer knows that performing regular exercise to strengthen muscles prevents injury. But with so many different gadgets and tools on the market, knowing what to use and where to start can be extremely overwhelming without professional advice. Introducing the kettlebell - an exercise tool that strengthens all the different muscle groups, and works on the cardiovascular system.

What are Kettlebells?

Kettlebells are solid metal cannonball shaped weights with handles and a flat bottom so they can be placed on a flat surface. While long in history, they have gained momentum in recent years as a popular training tool due to their ability to contribute to both strength training and cardiovascular (aerobic) training, making them great for a full body fitness regime.

This revolutionary off-centre weight is perfect for everyone. And by everyone, we mean it doesn’t matter what your age is or where your fitness level is at, the Kettlebell’s range of drills and exercises will aid with fitness, rehabilitation and injury prevention. Whether you are a professional athlete who wants to polish up your performance a bit or a beginner who just wants some gentle exercise to get fit, there are Kettlebell exercises that are just right for you.

Using a kettlebell is a lot of fun

The best part is that using the Kettlebell to train actually puts the fun back into working out. Personal trainers and physical therapists around Australia have discovered the amazing benefits that Kettlebell exercises can offer to clients.

The secret with the Kettlebell is that it uses the whole body, meaning every muscle gets a workout because most of the exercises involve one limb performing a fluid motion. All exercises work on strengthening core stability, which in turn helps to prevent injuries from occurring. There are a range of different techniques and drills that focus specifically on different muscle groups, while at the same time also working on mobility, stability and movement.

Kettlebells – the science

Personal trainers say that the Kettlebell swing is the best exercise for working out the spine and shoulder muscles, as it not only strengthens but also works on muscle endurance. When performed correctly, it offers the best total-back workout you will ever find. As a person learns the proper movement patterns, the basic drills can be varied to gradually increase the body’s fitness level. This makes the Kettlebell swing is perfect for those with back problems or those who are undergoing rehabilitation.









Dr Stuart McGill, an authority on Spine Biomechanics, says that the key to preventing injury is all about muscular endurance and strengthening muscles. The shoulders have four major groups of muscles – the subscapularis, infraspinatus, supraspinatus and teres minor. These muscles, also called the Rotator Cuff Musculature (RTC) work together to make sure the ball stays in the socket, stabilising the humeral head to ensure proper shoulder movements.

When this area is exercised regularly, the back and spine muscles are also toned up to stabilise the core further. And we all know that building core strength prevents injuries of any kind. Another benefit of using Kettlebell exercises to prevent injuries is that they are generally quick and easy to perform. This means that people are more likely to actually do the exercises, as once the technique is perfected by a personal trainer, working out in the privacy of your own home just became a whole lot easier.

If you are looking for ways to increase your muscle tone, fitness and core stability, consider Kettlebell exercises. Believe us, you’ll never look back.