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March 12, 2020 2 min read


So you’re buying a secondary bar and not sure about the difference between an EZ curl bar, and a super EZ curl bar (see images below).

Firstly – why buy one at all? Well, both EZ Curl Bars are designed to reduce stress on the forearm and wrist and provide a more comfortable grip while focusing on different bicep and tricep areas (but they can also be used on other body areas). In using an EZ curl bar for curls, your hands are slightly pronated (thumbs are higher than your little finger), which changes how the upper arm muscles are used (over just using a straight bar). It also tends to work your brachialis muscle more than normal.

Why choose a super EZ curl this bar over a normal EZ curl? To be honest, a lot of it comes down to personal taste. How you train and what feels right in your hands.

The super EZ curl bar is arguably a little better for isolating the biceps due to the angle of the handles. Unlike an EZ curl bar, with a super you can use a parallel grip (good for hammer curls, skull crushers etc). Also, a lot of people simply find that the extra angle in the super curl bar is more comfortable.

But both are very flexible bars and allow a range of exercises outside of curls like rows or even deadlifts.

So really, not a lot of difference. If your gym has both – try them out and see which one works best. You may find you use both.

If you’re looking to buy one or other, see if you can test both before purchasing.

If you can only afford one bar, but want a tricep bar and an EZ curl bar – maybe get a super EZ – it does a little of both.