5 Tips If You're New To The Gym

5 Tips If You're New To The Gym

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Everyone needs to start somewhere, and though you may think all eyes are on you when you’re new to the gym no one really cares. As long as you follow a few simple points of etiquette and common courtesy, you’ll soon find that the gym isn’t an intimidating place to be at all and is a great place for self-improvement and harnessing a positive mental attitude.  

Don’t Hog The Equipment

Everyone needs a rest between sets, but don’t sit on the bench texting your sweetheart when there’s going to be a bunch of other people who could be using the weights or jumping in while you socialise. When you step foot in the gym, your workout should be your sole focus. That means high intensity and blasting through your workout to the best of your ability. Hogging equipment shows that your workout isn’t varied enough, you’re not working to the best of your ability, and you’re not being considerate.  

Clean Up After Yourself

This not only means sweat and water bottles but weights and equipment too. If you’ve not brought a towel to wipe equipment down, get a roll of tissue from the toilets. Similarly, don’t leave weights strewn all over the floor once you’re done – put them back where you found them. The same goes for the bar on a power-rack – strip the weights off the bar so the next user has a clean slate.  

Don’t Wing It

If you don’t know how to use a piece of equipment or want to try a new exercise but aren’t sure on the correct form, ask someone. If there are gym staff hanging around or Personal Trainers who aren’t with a client we guarantee you they’ll be more than happy to help. If you can't find anyone to help, avoid the workout for now and read up on it more at home and practice the movement with an imaginary bar  

Be Hygienic

We’ve covered cleaning up after yourself – after all, everyone sweats in the gym – but on top of this you should also ensure that basic hygiene is observed too. This means wearing the correct gym-suitable clothing, changing your gym clothes regularly, and airing your trainers out occasionally. No one wants to be the skunk in the gym.  

Have Fun!

The gym and your workout should never feel like a chore or something you have to force yourself to do. You should enjoy the exercise and activity you are performing, and if you’re not maybe look online to develop a great workout or ask a personal trainer to come up with something that’s going to incorporate the exercises you love - whether it's kettlebells or strength exercises using a squat rack.