5 reasons why a Power Rack should be your first choice for a home gym

2 min read
Choosing fitness equipment for personal use can often be very daunting and confusing - especially in todays’ flooded market where a lot of inferior and complicated equipment is available. With so much choice out there, where do you start? Here’s 5 reasons why you should start with a power rack:
  1. SAFETY – Training inside a power racks provides complete support and safety, especially when performing heavy compound lifts – the meat and potatoes of any basic fitness program. This makes them great for training alone at home, or with a partner.
  2. VERSITILITY- Power racks are fully enclosed allowing the user to attach bands and other equipment like TRX and gym rings, making the rack versatile and suitable for any and all trainers regardless of training level and fitness goals. Power racks can often be upgraded to include lat-pull downs or similar bolt-ons to help isolate particular muscle groups.
  3. BANG FOR BUCK - Grab a bar, some weight plates and a bench and there are hundreds of exercises you can perform in and around the rack – both with other equipment and using only bodyweight. This makes it your one stop for all your fitness and health goals.
  4. LONGEVITY – Power racks have no moving parts meaning if you buy a quality power rack, it should outlast you with minimal to no extra maintenance. Power cages can handle a lot of weight and take a beating meaning it is unlikely to outgrow them anytime soon.
  5. RANGE – There are a large number of power racks available on the market and there is definitely one to suit your needs and budget. Whether you’re a novice lifter, or experienced – Little Bloke Fitness has a rack to suit.
In short, there is a power rack to suit any level of lifter or exercise enthusiast, on any budget so when you are on the market for a new home gym or even your first home gym, don’t go past a power rack. Check out our range of Power Racks to find the perfect solution for you.