360 Strength Power Band, LRG (Green)

360 Strength SKU: 360S-PB-LRG
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360 Strength Power Band, LRG (Green)

360 Strength Power Band, LRG (Green)

360 Strength SKU: 360S-PB-LRG
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  • Use for assisted chin-ups or dips
  • Add dynamic resistance to barbell exercises
  • 2080mm circumference
  • 4.5mm thickness

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Product Description

360 Strength Resistance Bands can be used for a variety of resistance and assistance training exercises to aid bodyweight exercise, stretching, mobility and rehab, agility training, or to add dynamic resistance to lifting. They are essential to any mobility kit.

This listing is for 1 (one) LARGE (44mm) green resistance band offering 50 - 120lbs (17kg - 54.43kg) resistance.

Benefits of training with bands:

  • Can be used for both Assistance or Resistance to suit your training goals. Example €“ Use the band on your chin up bar for assisted chin ups or loop the band around the band pegs on the base of your rack for extra resistance whilst performing chin ups.
  • Small and light enough to take with you anywhere. Whether you are just going to the gym or away on holiday just throw your bands in your bag and you have a take-anywhere gym.
  • Great for specific training such as explosive, endurance or stretching and rehabilitation exercises.

We offer seven different resistance levels that accommodate a wide range of athletes and needs:

  • XXSMALL: 6.5mm (pink) offering 2 - 20 lbs (1kg - 11kg)
  • XSMALL: 13mm (red) offering 5 - 35 lbs (2.27kg - 15.9kg)
  • SMALL: 22mm (black) offering 10 - 50 lbs (4.56kg - 22.68kg)
  • MEDIUM: 29mm (purple) offering 25 - 80 lbs (11.34kg - 36.3kg)
  • LARGE: 44mm (green) offering 50 - 120lbs (17kg - 54.43kg)
  • XLARGE: 64mm (blue) offering 60 - 150 lbs (27.21kg - 68kg)
  • XXLARGE: 83mm (orange) offering 80 - 200 lbs (36.2kg - 90.71kg)
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