Bodyworx Silicone Spray

Bodyworx SKU: 6SILSP
Bodyworx Silicone Spray

Bodyworx Silicone Spray

Bodyworx SKU: 6SILSP
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Product Description

Lubrication is an essential aspect of maintaining your treadmill to ensure to get the greatest value out of your purchase. An aerosol silicone lubricant, it is used beneath the running belt of a treadmill, reducing the friction between your running mat and the treadmill deck.

To use, simply lift the belt at the sides and spray Silicone Spray on deck (on underside of belt). If you're using the treadmill every day; lubricate once a month - every couple of days; lubricate every couple of months. This lubricant works to keep your treadmill in top condition.

THE MOST important thing you can do to make sure your treadmill lasts for years and years with trouble free use is to make sure it is properly and regularly lubricated.

Most treadmills require lubricating with Silicon. There are some commercial treadmills which require wax and then there are also some which “claim” to never require lubrication. Make sure you read the Service Manual that came with your treadmill to know what lubricant you require.

If your treadmill is one of the 99% of treadmills that requires lubrication with silicon it is important that you use a high grade pure silicon that is specifically formulated for treadmills. Do not just go to the local hardware and get an off the shelf silicon or spray which often contains traces of minerals and other substances that will eat away at your mat and deck. Only purchase your silicon from a reputable, well known Fitness Company who specialises in treadmills.

Why Lubricate your Treadmill?

The silicon is applied to the underside of the mat. The silicon should be between the hard running deck and the mat which moves. The silicon provides a smooth layer so that the mat is not rubbing hard on the deck and wearing both of them away. It reduces the friction, makes it a smoother “ride” and reduces the drag and strain on the motor. All of this increases the life of your treadmill and makes sure you have minimal issues with your treadmill.

How do I Lubricate my Treadmill?

Make sure the treadmill is flat and not on a raised incline. Turn the treadmill off and unplug it from the power. Attach the built in straw to the nozzle of the spray can. To lubricate your treadmill with silicon you simply lift the mat up from the deck and spray a good coating of silicon between the deck and the mat. Do this up and down on each side of the treadmill. Turn the treadmill on and run it slowly for 4 or 5 minutes to disperse the silicon. Have a good workout on the mat after lubricating to make sure the silicon reaches the whole surface area.

When or how often should a treadmill be lubricated?

  1. The treadmill should be lubricated before being used for the first time or whenever a new mat is installed.
  2. Continue to lubricate the treadmill every week for the first month.
  3. After the first month you should lubricate the treadmill every 20 to 30 hours of use.
  4. As a general rule of thumb to check if you are lubricating your treadmill often enough it should feel a bit greasy or moist between the deck and the mat at all times. You can adjust your frequency of lubricating according to this.
  5. Always lubricate your treadmill if it has not been used for an extensive period of time or after taking it out of storage.
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