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360 Strength

Fabric Micro Band - Extra Heavy


  • Woven Fabric and rubber
  • Gentle on the skin
  • Washable
  • Tear resistant - double stitched
  • Perfect for rehab, prehab and activation drills.
  • Extra Heavy Resistance - 30-40lbs
  • 325mm x 58mm

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Extremely versatile, 360 Strength Fabric Micro Bands are tear-resistant, elastic and flexible, while being gentle on the skin. 325mm in length (650mm loop of fabric) and 58mm wide, these are a great alternative to typical rubber micro bands, offering the same capabilities plus a soft and more comfortable feel.

Perfectly suited to rehabilitation and prehab work, along with activation drills, they are essential to an appropriate mobility kit, and available in five different resistance levels that accommodate a wide range of athletes and needs.

Dimensions and Resistance ratings:

  • Red – Extra Light resistance – 325mm x 58mm @ 5-10lbs of resistance.
  • Orange – Light resistance –  325mm x 58mm @ 10-15lbs of resistance.
  • Green – Medium resistance –  325mm x 58mm @ 15-20lbs of resistance.
  • Blue – Heavy resistance –  325mm x 58mm @ 25-30lbs of resistance.
  • Black – Extra heavy resistance –  325mm x 58mm @ 30-40lbs of resistance

Or purchase a set of five and receive a free netting carry bag.

Note: Our micro bands are only made to be stretched 2.5 times their resting length. Any further stretch may cause the bands to deteriorate at a faster rate. If you are able to stretch this micro band past 2.5 times resting length it means you are ready to move up in resistance, please select a heavier band