27kg Olympic EZ Curl Bar & Weights Package

360 Strength SKU: 27KG OLY EZ PACKAGE
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27kg Olympic EZ Curl Bar & Weights Package

27kg Olympic EZ Curl Bar & Weights Package

360 Strength SKU: 27KG OLY EZ PACKAGE
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  • Olympic EZ Curl Bar
    • 4 Brass bushes
    • Circlip ends
    • Collars included
  • 17.5kg Olympic Weight Plates

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    Product Description

    The 360 Strength 27kg Olympic EZ Curl Bar & Weights Package includes a 360 Strength nickel plated EZ Curl Bar with 4 bushings and double circlip ends, and 17.5kg of rubber coated weight plates that include our premium stainless steel flared centre bushing.

    Perfect for any home gym or studio.

    360 Strength Olympic EZ Curl Bar

    The 360 Strength Olympic EZ Curl Bar with brass bushes is designed to reduce stress on the forearm and provide a more comfortable grip while focusing on different bicep and tricep areas. Loaded with with 4 brass bushes and 50mm diameter free-rotating sleeves, it's compatible with any Olympic plates and features a heavy nickel plate finish and double circlip end.

    It comes securely packaged in a poly bag, within sturdy cardboard tube, and is supplied with a pair of spring collars.


    • Bar Weight: 10kg
    • Weight Rating: 700lbs
    • Length: 1260mm
    • Shaft Diameter: 28mm
    • Sleeve length: 200mm
    • Sleeve diameter: 49.5 – 50.5mm
    • Shaft material: Spring steel
    • Shaft coating: Nickel Plate
    • Sleeve coating: Nickel Plate
    • Knurling: Fine, grippy
    • 4 brass bushes
    • Double circlip end with endcap
    • Supplied with spring collars

    360 Strength Olympic Rubber Coated Weight Plates

    The 360 Strength weight plates are made from cast-iron and coated in a 3mm black rubber skin that provides an added degree of protection for both the plates and anything they come into contact with, be that a body, a floor, wall or another plate.

    All plates at increments of five kilograms and upwards are molded with handles that not only gives them an attractive appearance, but it also makes them easier to handle and carry, whether you want to fit them to a bar or use them for lunges, presses or a variety of other exercises.

    The plate center hole houses is a stainless steel insert that is pressed and flared - like bumper plates - to ensure they will never come loose. All plates have the weight in KG and LB embossed on both sides, and are compatible with Olympic barbells with 50mm sleeves.

    • Designed for full commercial gym use
    • 51mm diameter hole.
    • Pressed and Flared stainless steel center bushing.
    • Can be used with all olympic bars and plate loaded gyms and single station machines.
    • Each weight plate from 5kg and above has triple grip handles (tri-grip plate) to allow for one handed pickup, loading and training
    • The rubber coating on the plates protects both the plate and your floor from accidental dropping or scratching the floor, as well as adding extra grip when handling for safety
    • Each plate is kilogram weighted with weight size in KG and LB embossed in the mould of the plate
      The included weight plates are:
      • 2 by 5kg plates (10kg)
      • 2 by 2.5kg plates (5kg) – solid plates
      • 2 by 1.25kg plates (2.5kg) – solid plates
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