1RM Commercial Power Rack & Flat Incline Bench


  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Durable matte black powdercoated finish
  • Large weight capacities
  • Full Commercial Rating


Designed for those serious about their training, the combination of the Commercial  Rated, CAD designed, laser cut and robot welded 1RM Commercial Power Rack and 1RM Flat Incline Bench with double powdercoating, double stitching, rip stop vinyl and a whopping 450kg rating allows you to perform a complete range of barbell and bodyweight exercises safely and securely.

With the 2000lb rated slings and plate storage optioned in, it's perfect for setting up a new heavy duty gym, or adding to an existing workout space.

A Commercial Power Rack with 2000lb rated Safety Slings and Plate Storage built-in.

The 1RM Commercial Power Rack is a single user commercial rack that includes heavy duty j-hooks, 2000lb rated safety slings, and 6 built-in plate storage pegs. With 11-gauge (3mm), 75mm x 75mm steel, 10mm thick foot plates on every upright and 8mm end plates on every chin bar and crossmember, this rack is perfect for any environment where high quality and safety is demanded - from studios, apartments, home gyms and club and school weight rooms to full function strength and conditioning facilities.

As a part of the modular 1RM range, the system is customisable to suit all needs. Upgrade from a single to a multi-grip chin-up bar, add a set of spotter arms to create a second external lifting area, or add a dip horn to further extend the rack's functionality. Add barbell storage to the rear, or if you need multiple lifting areas, combine multiple 1RM Commercial Power Racks together with our 1.68m bridging chin-up bars to build a full rig system.

At 2.51m tall, 1RM Commercial Power Rack - Single with Spotters allows athletes up to 1.95m tall to perform a full overhead press while inside the cage, but the adjustable height chin-up bars ensure chin-up accessibility for all lifters. If you need more height, upgrade to 2.7m or 3.6m uprights on the front or back and create a ring station within the rack.


  • 75x75mm, 11 gauge (3mm) steel uprights with laser cut numbers and 10mm foot plates
  • 5mm thick, 32mm outer diameter Chin-up Bars with 8mm end plates
  • 75x75mm, 11 gauge (3mm) steel tube crossmembers with laser cut holes and 8mm end plates
  • 1 x pair j-hooks
  • 1 pair of slings rated to 2000lb
  • 6 weight plate storage pegs
  • 236kg total unit weight
  • All structural bolts are included (excluding any bolts required to mount to floor)


  • Length: 1896mm
  • Width (including utility pegs): 1812mm
  • Width (without utility pegs): 1212mm
  • Height: 2510mm

Other Considerations:

Space Required. Please note you need a minimum ceiling clearance of 2.6m for installation. It is recommended around 2.9m to 3m ceiling clearance to have full functionality overhead for barbell work and bar muscle ups. Allow at least 1m clearance either side for comfortable access when changing barbell plates.

Installation. It is recommended that this 1RM system be mounted to the floor. The uprights can be fixed to a floor or structural surface using M12 or M16 size dynabolts / concrete screws (not supplied). Each upright requires four screws. The method used to install the uprights is dependent on the floor they are being affixed to and your preferred method. Any M12 or M16 fixing 75mm or longer is suitable for the intended purpose of functional training depending on the thickness of the flooring. All bolts required to attach uprights to chin-up bars, crossmembers and other accessories are included.

1RM Systems

Every component from the 1RM System is CAD designed, laser cut and robot welded to ensure you’ll get the quality you need for your space – whether a single cell, a power cage or a ten cell fitout. With three different height uprights, heavy duty custom j-hooks and spotters, 4 styles of chin-up bars and over 25 accessories to choose from – you’re sure to find a configuration to suit.

The system is fully modular – meaning that you can start with one cell and add to this over time as your needs change. There are countless configurations you can build and customise to suit your space, budget & training requirements.


  • 75x75mm, 11 gauge (3mm) steel uprights - laser cut numbers
  • 10mm footplates
  • 5mm thick, 28mm chin-up bars with 8mm end plates - 4 styles
  • Over 25 accessories
  • Free Standing, Wall mounted, Braced and Unbraced options
  • Unlimited customisation options. 

1RM Commercial Flat Incline Bench

The 1RM Commercial Flat Incline Bench (1RM-CFI) is a heavy duty, commercial grade, fully adjustable bench, perfect for home or commercial use.

An extremely strong, stable and portable platform, the 1RM adjustable bench has double powdercoat, double stitched seams, rubber coated grip handles and precision welding. Coupled with high density foam in the backrest that will not bottom out during your workout, and a simple, old school design that allows flat to incline via smooth bearing rotation, you'll never need another bench.

Combine it with your power rack, squat rack or rig to add the next level of versatility to your gym, or pair it up with dumbbells for a classic old school free weights area.

Product Specifications:

  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Durable matte black powdercoated finish
  • Quick and Easy adjustment mechanism allows to adjust Flat to Incline.
  • Bench pad fabricated from top-grade plywood and high density foam.
  • Transport Wheels and handle for easy movement.
  • Non-slip feet - rubber contact points prevent sliding
  • Separate seat and back adjustments.
  • 3 Adjustable Seat Settings.
  • 5 Adjustable Back Pad Settings (from flat bench to incline between 0 - 90 degrees).
  • 450kg weight capacity.
  • Minimum assembly required.


  • Footprint: 117cm x 66cm
  • Total length: 136cm
  • Upper body pad: 28cm width x 90cm length
  • Seat: 26cm tapering into 14cm wide x 40 cm length
  • The bench stands 46cm when the bench is laid horizontal