What are kettlebells?

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Keep hearing about kettlebells? Know they're from Russia but nothing else? Here's our 2 minute intro.

Kettlebells are popular weight training tools that provide both strength and aerobic benefits. Shaped like cannonballs with a handle, they come in a variety of different weights - like dumbbells. Kettlebells may be used to perform most exercises that typically utilize barbells or dumbbells, but offer even more variety because of their construction.

Weight lifters can swing kettlebells and pass them off hands in ways that even dumbbells do not allow. The ability to quickly swing kettlebells enables users to raise their heart rate while they do strength training exercises, thereby strengthening their muscles and cardiovascular systems at the same time. The aerobic component burns calories and fat to promote weight loss.

Kettlebells are available from 4kg to 40kg. If you are a starter, it is recommended that men begin with the 16KG and women begin with the 8KG before moving onto heavier weights.

SO, which style kettlebell is for you? The simple answer is classic kettlebells are probably the best place to start if you’re new to kettlebell training. However, if you plan on using kettlebells regularly and knocking out some long sets, then you can’t go past the Pro Grade variety.

Beginner/new to kettlebells – go for the classic

Serious athlete and kettlebell enthusiast – choose the Pro Grades

Want to know more? Check out this clip for a great intro into kettlebells from the great Steve Cotter