Train like a gymnast, look like a god!

Train like a gymnast, look like a god!

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Have you ever seen some of the gymnasts and wondered how they get such an incredible looking physique. They are flexible, powerful and move with grace. It’s almost like they have the right mix of yin and yang in their makeup. If you are trying to build a more powerful physique, but don’t want to be doing the same type of bodybuilding training everyday, you can consider doing workouts like a gymnast. There’s different pieces of equipment and movements that you can do, which will help with your muscular and power development. These include the following.

Gymnastic rings


Grab onto the gymnastic rings and force your body above the rings. You want to dip into the movement. This movement will be more difficult because you will be using other stabilizing muscles to control your weight during the movement.

Leg raise

Push your body above the rings and raise your legs so that they form a 90 degree angle compared to your body. Your goal is to hold the position for as long as you can. This will define your abdominals and increase your core strength.


Grab onto the rings and lean back into a fetal position and pull your body upwards. This will target your inner and wider back muscles.


Work out your biceps and your lateral muscles with your own body weight by grabbing the rings in a hanging position and pulling your body up as if you were to do a chin-up. Continue doing this movement.

Pec fly

This is a very difficult movement to do on the rings and you might need to have the rings closer to the floor so you can put some of the weight on your feet. You will lean forward into the rings and then spread your arms out into a cross, which will bring you closer to the floor. You will then push the rings inwards, which will work out your pectoral muscles. What can you expect from these types of exercises? If you continue doing these gymnastic exercises, it will build and condition your muscle. You should appear more ripped and your muscles should ‘pop out’ more. You can find more in-depth tutorials about installing gymnastic rings here. You can also purchase gymnastic rings from Little Bloke Fitness by clicking on this link.