Top mistakes to avoid when working out in the gym.

Top mistakes to avoid when working out in the gym.

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There are several people that go to the gym and are unsatisfied with their results. There are stories of skinny guys that go to the gym and become stronger, but they don't put on any size. Or the person that wants to reduce their body fat, however after training for a few months, there is no change to their body.

Their cardiovascular activity doesn't force their body to burn fat.

Many people are proud to say that they spent an hour doing cardio, however if they fail to increase their heart rate to the point where it will burn body fat as an energy source. This means your heart rate needs to be at 70% of your maximum heart rate over a period of 30 to 60 minutes. A simple calculation for your maximum heart rate is 220 – (Your age). For example, if you are 33, your maximum heart rate will be 187 and your minimum cardio intensity should be 131-150 beats per minute.

Their exercise technique is poor.

One of the major reasons people aren’t able to sculpt their muscles is because they use poor technique. For example, a person will do bicep curls with a heavy weight and they will actually swing the weight instead of using the weight to add resistance to the muscle. It’s important that the resistance is emphasised on the muscle and that the muscle is contracted on each repetition. The muscle will then get worked across its full range of motion. The person should also see improvements in their body shape as their technique improves.

They are doing the wrong gym program.

Some people think that they can take a “One size fits all” approach to the gym, when in fact they need a program that is tailored to their body type, their current situation, lifestyle and their personal goals. For example, it’s common to see guys that want to bulk up doing light weights when in fact they need to do heavy resistance weights that will break down the muscle and force it to grow. Or a lady that wants to lose body fat, but all she is doing is aqua aerobics for 20 minutes a day.


It’s hard to believe, but many people don’t achieve their fitness goals because they actually procrastinate exercising in the gym. Instead of working out, they entertain themselves on their phones or socialise with other gym members. It is important to stay focused and complete your gym program within a designated timeframe (usually 1-2h). If you have identified yourself as having some of these habits, then it’s time to make a change. If you would like to learn more about better gym habits, get in touch with the guys from Little Bloke Fitness who can help steer you in the right direction.