Is your lifestyle routine complimenting your fitness goals.

Is your lifestyle routine complimenting your fitness goals.

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There always seems to be that one person in the friendship circle who has the perfect physique and never has to do any exercise. Sometimes, they seem clueless as to how much their genetics complement their physical appearance. It’s only a few who seem to have this “blessed genetic condition”, while the rest of us have to put in the work so that our physique is aesthetically appealing. Achieving this with the right work-life balance is another challenge. However, you can implement a lifestyle routine that will allow you to develop a jaw-dropping physique. Here are a few ways you can achieve this.

Cut sugar out from your diet.

Are you guilty of adding in a few teaspoons of sugar to your daily tea or coffee in the morning? Or do you snack on food or drinks that’s high in sugar? Consuming these high-calorie items will add to your body’s fat storage without you even knowing. It is important that you maintain the right calorie balance throughout your day so that you are sharp both mentally and physically. But taking in too many calories will leave your body with extra body fat all over your body.

Consume non-processed food.

You can opt to eat a chocolate bar or trade it in for a juicy apple. You can eat a burger or you could have a healthy salad. You are what you eat. And if you eat non-processed food, you will improve your chances of feeling healthier and eating food that is much lower in calories. You will still need to pay attention to the calories in each food item. However, they should be much lower than processed foods such as chips and muesli bars.

Drink water.

When you are feeling thirsty, it is tempting to consume a soft drink like Coca Cola, which is refreshing but extremely high in calories. Advertising promotes several beverages from soft drinks to juices to energy drinks. However, the best beverage to consume is water. There are no calories in water and it is guaranteed to quench your thirst. So instead of going off to the canteen to buy a drink, keep a reusable water bottle nearby.

Dedicate an hour a day towards some physical exercise.

You can choose to go for a run, make use of cardio equipment or resistance weights in order to improve your muscular tone and definition. If you workout with the right intensity, you should be able to burn up to 500 calories during your exercise session and improve your overall aesthetic appearance. Are there some lifestyle practices that you use to keep yourself fit? Why don’t you let us know in the comments below.