Lacking gym equipment? Use your body’s weight to build the ultimate physique!

Lacking gym equipment? Use your body’s weight to build the ultimate physique!

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Sometimes people are too busy to go to the gym and they find themselves either being stuck in their workplace or stuck at home, but they want to go to the gym and achieve their fitness goals. It’s frustrating and people are quick to associate not going to the gym with not having the opportunity to exercise. That’s not true. As long as you can move your muscles, there’s always exercises that you can do to train your muscles. Doing something is better than doing nothing. So if you ever find yourself wanting to exercise, but lack equipment, here are a few workout exercises that you can do.


Work your pectoral muscles by doing push-up exercises. You can vary the exercise by doing the equivalent of incline and decline bench press movements by doing your pushups at an  angle. You can use your body weight to push the muscle group until failure. This will also incorporate the use of your shoulders, triceps, biceps and core. To get a deeper exercise movement, you can use small parallettes that will make your pectoral muscles ‘pop’.


Another excellent exercise for building your triceps and pectoral muscles. You can do this with your body weight and workout til failure. Arnold Schwarzenegger used to do this movement at the end of his chest routine. He would usually do 3 sets of 50 to work his muscles until failure.

Lateral pull-ups

Most people think that you need a weight machine to build wide lats, but you can actually accomplish this by doing pull-ups with your own body weight. You can do several exercises including wide angle pull ups, which will make you get a wider back. You can also to close-grip chin ups, which will work out the centre of your back, as well as your bicep muscles. Aim to do the movement until failure.


This is the most superior movement that you can do to facilitate your muscle growth. Simply use a chair to go into a squat position or even conduct low squats where you bend all the way down to your ankles. Either do controlled squats or explosion squats to improve your power. Both of these exercises will help you develop your core strength, quadriceps, glutes, hamstrings and calves.

Calf raise

You can easily work out your calves by finding a step and pushing up with the ball of your foot one foot at a time. This will allow you to put all of the body weight on one leg. If you have no weights, no problem. You now have the knowledge to be able to continue your workouts effectively so you can achieve your physical goals.