Incorporate sled training to build an aesthetically appealing body

Incorporate sled training to build an aesthetically appealing body

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We’ve previously spoken about the benefits of doing power exercises on the blog and how it can help develop strength, speed and your overall aesthetic appearance. We mainly covered the training through plyometric exercises, however you can also incorporate ‘sled training’ to develop the muscles in your lower body, as well as improve the overall intensity of your workout. There are a few key benefits to sled training. These include:

Increasing your overall power

Your muscles will improve in strength, but more importantly you will train them to explode with speed so you can turn that strength into raw power. This will allow you to lift more weights and develop an aesthetically appealing physique.

Increases your overall speed

As mentioned above, you will improve your explosiveness. So you will find that your muscle speed will improve. Additionally, you will cover more ground with this additional speed, making you run further  and more efficiently over a distance in a shorter amount of time.

Facilitating fat loss

Power exercises force the body to work at maximum intensity. Your heart rate will shoot up quickly and you will force the body to go beyond its load in the pursuit of new personal bests. The body will be forced to recover and will use the glucose deposits in your fat cells and protein to repair the body.

It’s joint friendly

Alot of exercises (especially strength-developing exercises) are harsh on the body’s joints. By doing power workouts, you can force the body to work out with the same force or intensity, without putting a strain on the body’s joints. This also prevents the risk of injury.

What are some effective sled weight training exercises?

Sprint sleds

This is where you pull the sled behind you and sprint as quickly as you can for 20-30m. This exercise will develop the power in your glutes, hamstrings and quadriceps.

Push sprint sleds.

You will lock out your arms and you will push the sled as quickly as you can with the weight in front of you. You want to make sure that the weights aren’t too heavy as you want to focus on having a quick explosion and doing the exercise with a high intensity.

Reverse drag sleds

Think of it as ‘backpeddling for power’. It is a great way to develop extra power in your muscles. This will also help you develop speed. Power training is an excellent way to shred body fat while developing a well-balanced physique. There’s only so much you can do with weight training and cardio, which is why sled training is an effective exercise to incorporate into your training session; especially if your goal is to develop an aesthetically appealing physique. You can click here to purchase sleds from Little Bloke Fitness.