Godly chest workouts for the hardworking man!

Godly chest workouts for the hardworking man!

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You read the title right. If this is what you have always wanted, then it is time for you to man up and commit to a chest workout that won’t only leave you looking beastly, but will command a physical presence similar to what Arnold Schwarzenegger had in his younger days.

Dumbbell press

Dumbbell presses are great for maximising the range of motion when doing your press workout. You can get really deep into the muscle and trigger the muscle fibres to grow and develop. Make sure that you are using a resistance weight that will allow you to hit failure at around 15 reps. Do this for three to five sets once a week.

Incline press

It’s important that you prioritise exercising your upper chest muscles as it will allow your chest to protrude outwards and it should also improve your posture. Find an incline bench that is at 45-60 degrees. Once you are on there, add a resistance weight that will allow you to fail when approaching 15 repetitions. *Note – It’s highly advised that you have a spotter when doing this exercise to avoid any risk of injury. Make sure you monitor your form. If you notice that your shoulder muscles are working too much, then it is likely that the muscles are fatiguing and the quality of your workout is deteriorating.

Barbell shoulder press.

This will workout your upper chest muscles and shoulders. It is a fantastic compound movement exercise that really balances out the development of your upper body’s muscle groups. Get a sturdy barbell such as an Olympic barbell and place resistance weights that will allow you to fail at 15 repetitions. You want to complete three to five sets, but you must make sure that you maintain strict form.

Pectoral flies.

You want to also increase the perceived width of your chest by doing pectoral flies. You can use the machine, although you will get better results if you use dumbbells. You can do this exercise at the end of your workout and implement ‘drop sets’ so that you reach a repetition target of 15. This is quite a grueling workout. You will only be able to do this workout once a week since the muscles will need time to recover, develop and grow. It’s likely that you will experience soreness in your muscles over the following days, so make sure that you stretch well and consume enough protein to help the muscle repair itself. Over the course of a year, your chest should develop a nice, lean size and command an audience of secret admirers.