Get superior results from your training with a customised home gym.

Get superior results from your training with a customised home gym.

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It’s all good working out at your local gym. It’s likely that they have the equipment and training atmosphere that you desire. For some people, it is all that they need and spending the $400-1000 a year on gym membership is justified. However, if you have your own large space in your home or on your property, that money would be better spent on a home gym. It’s not just the cost savings that you can benefit from. You can actually get superior results from your training. Here’s a few factors to consider.

Save on commuting time.

Time is precious and it isn’t something that we can get back. Your local gym might be a 10-20 minute commute from your home or your workplace. This can easily deter you from going to the gym, especially if you have a busy lifestyle. By having a home gym setup, you will save time and should also be more productive in your workouts.

You won’t get distracted by other members.

You might be disciplined in your workouts, but there’s usually someone that always wants to socialise when you are working out. This eats up your time and doesn’t contribute to you working out effectively.

You won’t have to wait for equipment.

This is one of the annoying things at the gym. In the weights section, you will typically find a shortage of benches on Mondays as members usually workout their chest. If there’s a queue for the equipment that you plan to be working out on, you might find yourself waiting 10 to 20 minutes while other people are completing their sets. Sometimes, you will find that you are unable to workout on the equipment at the time, which forces you to do your workout on another day and can change your entire routine.

You only have what you need.

Most gyms have several different types of equipment and classes that are appealing to use or participate in, but as you refine your training routine, you will find that you will use the same selection of training equipment and even take the same classes. For example, you might find that most of your training is conducted on the adjustable bench with dumbbells. You can invest in a dumbbell package for under $200 and an adjustable bench for another $200, which you will own for life.

You won’t have personal trainers or staff trying to upsell you training packages or protein shakes.

Even though you pay for the standard membership, the goal of the gym is to make as much money as possible from their gym members. So even though you might feel like you are getting a good deal with your membership, it is possible that you will spend an extra 20% on top of your fees for additional products or services that the gym offers. By training at home, you can save a bundle of cash by taking your supplements at nutritional intake at home. You can even have your own friends be your training partner. Having your own home gym will resolve these challenges that you typically face at a commercial gym. You will be more productive with your workouts and you will get the best bang for your buck, while getting the perfect physique that you are working towards.