Have you considered using power bands in your workout?

Have you considered using power bands in your workout?

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The instant association that most people have with bodybuilding is that they need to have heavy resistance weights to do their exercises. The fact is the muscle needs to have enough resistance to break down the muscle. This can be accomplished with bodyweight, heavy resistance weights and also power bands. Power bands tend to be underutilised in and outside of the gym. This is because many people don’t really know how to use them effectively to workout their body properly. In this post, we’ll share some power band exercises that you can do to help build and sculpt muscle.


Wrap the resistance band around the pole and pull the band away from the bar. You want to contract your core (in particular, your obliques).

Assisted pullups

Tie the band around the top end of a pole and then place one foot inside the band. You will use this to take off some of the weight when doing pullup and chin-up exercises.

Lateral shoulder raises

Bend over with the band in front of your chest and stretch the band out as wide as you can. This movement should work out your deltoids (shoulders).

Band push press

Stand with the bands underneath your feet and pull the band upwards so that it sits upwards on your wrist around your chest. Push the band up as if you are doing a push press with the barbell. Ensure that you extend the movement to the point where you can feel a contraction.

Band rows

Stand with your feet in the middle of the band and pull the band up with 2 hands. Lean forward whilst doing the movement to contract different areas of the back muscles.

Band tricep extensions

Stand on the band with one foot and work the band around your body so that it lines up with your back.

Band bicep curls

Stand on the bands with both feet and grab the bands as if you were to start doing some bicep curls. Curl upwards in the same way that you would do a barbell curl, dumbbell curl or even a hammer curl. Make sure you work the contraction on the negative movement so that you can work the muscle in the movement. You can also see a mixture of band exercises in the videos below.

If there are any power band exercises that you like to do in your routine, let us know in the comments below.