Burn up to 400 calories in 20 minutes with these HIIT machine workouts.

Burn up to 400 calories in 20 minutes with these HIIT machine workouts.

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One of the most popular fat burning methods at the moment is HIIT, which stands for high-intensity interval training. The benefit of this training regime is that it allows you to burn a high amount of calories in a short space of time. Other fat burning exercises like stamina training shouldn’t be dismissed, but one of the major benefits with this type of exercise is that it doesn’t erode the muscle because it forces the body to repair in the same way as it would if you had completed a power weightlifting session. For people that live very busy lifestyles, this is the perfect fat burning exercise that they can do everyday. The science behind it is that you will raise and lower your heart rate, forcing your body to burn more calories at a higher intensity. The average heart rate from the exercise could see you perform at 75-80% of your maximum heart rate, rather than doing a cardio session where you perform the exercise at 50% of your maximum heart rate.

The longer you can do the workout, the better.

The exercise usually starts with a 3-5 minute warm-up to get the blood circulating in the muscles. Once your body is warm, you will perform the exercise at a maximum intensity. You will need to do this for at least 30 seconds before you will go into a rest period and bring your heart rate down. Once your heart rate is down, you will repeat the sprint again. You should do this for at least 7 repetitions before cooling down and finishing the workout. You can do HIIT training on different machines, but you should keep in mind that some machines are much safer to perform HIIT routines on than others. For example.

Rowing machine

You can burn a lot of calories by doing a HIIT session on the rowing machine. It is more difficult to achieve the same heart rate level as you would when you compare it to running, however it allows you to execute the exercise safely.

The treadmill

This is the best machine to maximise your intensity, which you can do by increasing the speed or increasing the incline. However, there is a good chance that you might fall off the machine as your muscles start to fatigue.

Spin bike

This is the most superior piece of equipment to use when doing HITT. You can control the intensity easily and minimise the risk of injury, while maintaining a high intensity that will keep your heart rate high.

Stair machine.

Like the treadmill, this is a great machine to use if you want to accelerate your heart rate, however if you increase the speed too much, you will become tired and risk falling off the machine. Use this machine if you want to climb at a steady pace and maintain a steady heart rate.


The elliptical is a great alternative to the treadmill. The movement incorporates your entire body and you can increase the intensity of the machine, which will also minimise the risk of any injury. Time is of the essence and it is precious. That’s why these exercises can help you achieve your physical goals while seamlessly fitting into your busy lifestyle schedule. Give it a go and we promise you that you will feel amazed.