Best exercise machines for shredding fat in 60 days.

Best exercise machines for shredding fat in 60 days.

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How would you like to transform your body in the next 2 months? No matter what your weight is at now, you can make a significant change to your physique by doing the following exercises as a part of your ’fat-burning’ regime. So look in the mirror and say “Adios” to the old you, because in 60 days time you will have a jaw-dropping figure that will leave your friends and colleagues in awe.

Before you start.

You need to measure your progress so you can manage your body’s progression and recovery. Your results will come as a result of the intensity from your workout. You can measure intensity by tracking:
  • Distances covered
  • Time
  • Heart rate
  • Weight
  • Body fat

Running on the treadmill.

The best exercise for shredding your body fat is running. It’s not an easy exercise for most; however using the treadmill is the best and quickest way for you to reduce your body fat. The treadmill is versatile since you can adjust its speed and incline. You want to be on a machine that tracks your heart rate so you can manage the intensity of your exercise. Since your goal is to burn your body fat, you need to focus on doing the treadmill workout that will keep your heart rate in the ‘fat burning zone’. If you aren’t able to run, you have the option to walk on the treadmill at an incline to get your heart rate up. This will still increase the intensity and cause your body to burn fat. You can easily burn 100-150 calories on the treadmill every 10 minutes. Something to keep in mind when purchasing a treadmill is that you should choose one that absorbs the shock on your joints and muscles so that you will minimise the risk of injury. You can compare different machines here.


If you find running on the treadmill challenging, then the next best exercise is the cross-trainer. The great thing about this machine is that it allows your body to maintain a high-intensity similar to running without exposing you to as much ‘shock’ on your leg muscles and joints. By increasing the intensity on the machine and maintaining a steady pace, you can burn around 100 calories every 10 minutes. You can see more information on cross-trainers here.

Stair climbing machine.

This is a great machine that will increase your heart rate and intensity without causing shock in your muscles or joints. The stair climbing machine forces you to walk up flights of stairs at an incline at a certain pace over a certain period of time. Even climbing the stairs at a slower pace makes your bodywork. People that spend ten minutes climbing these stairs can easily burn around 100 calories. The only thing is that the muscles can feel fatigued because you are forcing the muscles to push up, which can tire out your glutes and hamstrings. However, it is an exercise that can get you results quickly and make you feel good about tackling tall buildings in the future.

Bike machine.

The bike is a great machine especially for those people that suffer from injuries in their joints. Depending on the type of bike machine that you use, you will be able to maintain a high-intensity during the workout and you will be able to burn a lot of calories in a short space of time. Spin bikes help people achieve this, however other exercise bikes tend to burn calories slower. Expect to burn between 50-100 calories every ten minutes depending on the type of machine that you opt for. These are amazing exercise machines that will allow you to shred the fat from your body if you use them for exercise for at least 30-40 minutes a day, five times per week. Make the choice to step-up to the challenge and start transforming your body today!