Beat your fitness motivation blues with these different training methods.

Beat your fitness motivation blues with these different training methods.

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Not everybody can easily get motivated for training. The thought of training in the morning before a long day of work or even training after work and feeling lethargic is a real challenge for most people. The lucky ones can easily motivate themselves, regardless of their lifestyle. But for most, they need inspiration or a partner that will help them achieve their fitness goals, despite their lifestyle challenges. If you identify yourself as one of the ‘motivationally-challenged people’, then see how you can use the following to get yourself motivated to train.  

Get a dog that you can go outside with.

Dogs are known for being active and lovable. It’s likely that you will have to take your dog for walks a couple of times a day, which will allow you to be active with your pet. You can easily walk your dog for 20-30 minutes and choose to walk at a brisk pace, run or do some throwing activities like frisbee to get your body active. You will find that you will be able to burn at least 100 calories a day by going out with your dog.

Watch your favourite television show while exercising on the treadmill.

Most people find running or walking on the treadmill to be quite boring, but it is a great way to improve your cardiovascular strength, improve your overall fitness and reduce your body fat. Rather than looking at a wall or the same static picture in front of you, opt to watch your favourite television show or movie while you are on the machine. You will want to be on the machine for at least 30-60 minutes, which should tie in easily with the length of the television show that you choose to watch. By staying on the machine and training by either walking or running at an incline or at a high intensity, you should be able to lose between 300-600 calories in a session.

Join a sports team that has continuous play.

There are several sports that’s played in Australia that require you to run at a continuous pace. Basketball, touch rugby, beach volleyball, soccer, tennis, swimming and Aussie Rules are just a few of the sports that you can participate in, which will also allow you to burn body fat easily and increase your overall fitness. It’s common for the gameplay to go for 30-60 minutes. This will allow you to easily burn between 200-400 calories.

Challenge yourself to do power exercises.

Fancy trying to unleash the Olympic athlete within you? Then try to do some power training. It is a combination of executing strength and speed. You can challenge yourself to power exercises such as power cleans, clean and jerk, power squats and push press. You can take a look at some of the Olympic barbells and weights available to help you with these exercises. By now you should start feeling alot more motivated. So think about what kind of exercise methods interest you and include it in your lifestyle.