5 exercises that will help you get a beach bum for summer.

5 exercises that will help you get a beach bum for summer.

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Women naturally accumulate cellulite and body fat on their bums as they get older. Rather than get frustrated over it, you can do something about it by doing exercises that will lift your bum and eradicate any unwanted fat from the area. “How is that possible?” we hear you say. By doing exercise movements that target your glute muscles. Here are 5 exercises that you can do to get a beach bum in time for summer.


This is the most superior workout that you can do to get the perfect bum. You want to squat into a low position and then power up using your glutes. Rather than focusing on building strength, you want to incorporate an explosive power movement for up to 15 repetitions. Click here to find out more about our squat racks.


The deadlift will shape your bum as well as the rest of your body. Find a barbell and use your glutes to explode the weight up. You should squeeze your bum in to finish-off the movement. Complete the movement for at least 10 repetitions. Click here to learn more about our Olympic bars.


This exercises is great for getting into the nitty gritty fibres of the glute muscle. It’s an excellent movement that will target the area where the fat usually resides on the bum and will also shape your bum. Start off by doing the movement with your body weight and explode upwards with each movement for at least 15 repetitions. As the movement becomes easier, hold dumbbells in each hand to add resistance, which will intensify the workout.

Plyometric hops

Plyometric hops work in a similar way to step-ups with the difference being that it uses your body weight. When hopping, each explosive movement can force the body to absorb up to 10 times your body weight. You want to get a quick reaction time off the ground and do the movement up to 10 times. The shock on your muscles is quite high, so you should monitor how your muscles respond to the movement in the days following the workout.

Explosive squat jumps.

These are great because they force the muscle fibres in the group to work harder. You can think of the movement being like a depth jump. Find a bench or a box and stand with your two feet shoulder width apart. Jump as high as you can onto the box and then land in a deep position. Continue the exercise for at least 10 reps. Each repetition should become more challenging. Continue doing these exercises for 12 weeks and in no time, you should have a Brazilian shaped bum that will have a samba swing to it.