5 amazing leg exercises that will motivate you to never skip leg day!

5 amazing leg exercises that will motivate you to never skip leg day!

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Building legs like a gladiator should never be a struggle. Yet, when most people know that it’s time to workout their legs in the gym, they make some excuse to skip the day’s exercise. Sculpting leg muscles are never as glamorous as working out the chest muscles. There’s never an empty bench on, ‘Chest Mondays’, but the squat racks on, ‘Leg Thursdays’ are always in abundance. So rather than see leg exercises as a chore, we’re going to recommend the following leg exercises that will help you achieve your physical goals so that you will get the look of a gladiator. Note: You can use the Olympic barbell to complete these next 3 exercises.

Back squats.

The best way to get the perfectly sculpted legs is by doing back squats. Executing low squats with the right technique will get you ‘buns of steel’ and will develop shapely legs. Additionally, the movement will strengthen your core, thus helping you develop your abdominal muscles.

Sumo lift

This full body workout is excellent for building up your core strength and muscular definition over your entire body. It incorporates your core, back, quadriceps, traps and calves. The lift allows you to build up strength, definition and posture. It’s a great exercise for slapping on muscle and providing enough size to give you a ‘fitted look’ in your favourite clothes.

Power clean and jerk.

This is another excellent movement that incorporates the muscles in the entire body. This movement is a power movement and requires a lot of intensity. Expect your heart rate to shoot up with every repetition that you execute. The movement will work out your core, legs, hamstrings, quadriceps, glutes, shoulders, trapezius and upper pectorals. Over time, your body should start to look athletic from doing these movements.

Calf raises.

This muscle group is quite challenging to grow, but it is very important to develop if you want to avoid having, ‘stick legs’. Find a seated or standing calf raise machine and execute the exercise at heavy weights for repetitions of 15-20. Work out the muscles until failure. This should force the muscle to grow in size and round off a well-balanced look for your body.

Barbell step-ups.

You can develop more strength in your glutes, quadriceps and hamstrings by doing step-ups with the barbell. The intensity of this exercise is high, so you should expect to fatigue quickly. The movement will improve your core strength, balance and posture. Aim to do 15-25 repetitions on each leg. Leg day is tough, but these exercises will compliment the gladiator look that you will get with your upper body. It will force the entire muscle growth in your body and will polish your overall aesthetic look. Start incorporating these movements into your regime today.