3 amazing body transformations – Tales of skinny guys transforming into a gladiator gods!

3 amazing body transformations – Tales of skinny guys transforming into a gladiator gods!

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One of the most frustrating things for skinny guys that work out at the gym is that they put in the hard yards to bulk up, but they are still seen as being too skinny. Or even worse, they build no muscle at all. For many guys, it seems like there is no hope. However, there are several stories of skinny guys that invested in themselves and remained committed to achieving their physical goals. Their transformations are nothing short of amazing and they now radiate confidence and boldness, attracting the who’s who in their social circles and getting adulation from their peers. If you are a skinny guy that wants to bulk up, check out these transformation videos of these guys that built the perfect physique from a skinny frame.

Zach Zeiler

Zach was a skinny young man who was diagnosed with cancer at a young age. Rather than succumb to a tragic fate, he battled through chemotherapy to beat the cancer and channelled his energy into building muscle. After a couple of years, he transformed himself from a skinny, sick cancer patient to a shredded, muscular beast.

Jordan Federici

Jordan Federici was a skinny young 17 year old that only weighed 59kg by the time he finished school. He decided to bulk up with heavy weights training by doing power exercises such as bench press, squats, curls and tricep extensions. Within two years, his muscle mass had increased substantially to around 85 kg and his aesthetic look was immaculate. Watch his transformation video below.

Jay Wade

This young man was only 50kg when he decided to make a change to his body.  He said that he was so skinny, the wind could have blown him away. Rather than accept his fate as a scrawny, skinny guy, he changed the way that he ate and trained to build more muscle. He went from a scrawny young kid to a teen that was built like a machine. You can watch his amazing transformation video below. Some things to keep in mind when transforming your physique. It will take time.

Understand your body type.

Most skinny guys are naturally ectomorphs, which makes it difficult for them to put on more size. Additionally, ectomorphs tend to have a high metabolism which means they quickly burn off any fat and muscle gains from any exercise that they do. In most cases, ectomorphs need to focus on consuming more healthy calories, lifting heavier weights and reducing their aerobic activity until they have achieved the size that they want to achieve.

Break down your muscle by lifting heavy weights.

The key focus for any skinny guy is to get more strength so they can lift heavier weights for longer. This will increase the tension on the muscle and it will break down the muscle so it will build new tissue, thus making the person stronger and appear more muscular. It is important that the correct lifting technique, combined with suitable equipment in your gym, is implemented in order to break down and develop the muscles correctly.

Nutrition is important.

What you consume will help or hinder your efforts to transform your body. Most ectomorphs need to eat more, but rarely feel hungry. Without consuming more, the body’s muscles won’t grow. Ectomorphs will need to consume a protein and carbohydrate heavy diet so they can add more size to their body. Ectomorphs may need to consume a diet, which has 45% protein, 45% carbohydrates and 10% fats. These macros can be adjusted as you approach your ideal body size and customise your macros to be more protein heavy so you can get more body definition.

Rest is important.

In order for your muscle to grow, you need your muscles to rest. By working your muscles too much, you won’t give them any opportunity to repair and to build new muscle. That’s why it is important to give your muscle groups at least 1-2 days rest in between workouts. If you would like to find out more about transforming your body, get in touch with the guys at Little Bloke Fitness who can recommend the best gym equipment and routines that will help you achieve your physical goals.