Theragun G3PRO


Relieves sore, stiff muscles through amplitude, frequency, and torque.

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Designed for professionals. Made for everybody.

The next generation model Theragun G3PRO takes the professional-grade percussive therapy device to the next level.

The unique trio of 16mm amplitude, frequency and torque, is now augmented with a proprietary gear box, reducing the noise by 50% compared to the previous model.

Now with 60% more battery life, professionals, athletes and weekend warriors have more use time and less down time.

The new dual speed function allows for our standard speed of 2400 RPMs, and also a new lighter speed of 1750 RPMs for sensitive areas.

The G3PRO comes with 6 unique attachments, all physician-designed, for a variety of bodies, needs and ailments.

The product has had a complete design overhaul, without compromising any of its performance or durability. The G3PRO was designed to change the way you move.


  • 2400 RPMs for pain relief
  • 60lbs of pressure to release knots
  • 16 mm of amplitude provides deeper muscle treatment
  • Relieves sore, stiff muscles through amplitude, frequency, and torque
  • 6 physician-designed attachments for targeted muscle treatment
  • Reach 90% of the body with the rotating arm and ergonomic hand for full body recovery
  • Prevents and breaks up adhesions
  • Improves muscle coordination and mobility to prevent injury


    Why the G3PRO:

    Battery Life: Continuous power

    The G3PRO comes with 2x Samsung lithium-ion 4 cell, 2.5 amp batteries, made to easily swap out for continuous run time. Charge one battery in the charger while the other is in use in the G3PRO. 

    Shape & Design: Physician-calibrated

    The G3PRO is physician-calibrated and ergonomically sound. Perfectly weighted for a 50:50 balance, the unique design is expressly made for optimal use for professionals, with zero stress or pressure on forearms, wrist, or hands. The multi-grip ergonomic handle allows for maximum ease, comfort, and usability - designed to “float” on the body. The G3PRO does all the work.

    Power & Noise: A motor that won’t quit

    Theragun worked closely with mechanical and sound engineers from MIT to design the functional elements of the new G3PRO. They fully redesigned the gearbox from scratch, and reduced the overall noise levels without sacrificing  performance requirements of amplitude, frequency, and torque. With the newly-crafted gearbox, high precision machinery, and state-of-the-art sound insulating techniques, Theragun were able to reduce the noise of the gearbox by more than 50% from the earlier models.

    Durability: Only the best. Period.

    As the 7th generation product of Theragun, the G3PRO is the culmination of 10 years of research and development, testing, and constant scientific improvements.  To that end, Theragun put the G3PRO through the ringer with countless quality control tests, creating more extreme drop tests, testing for effectiveness, functionality, durability, quality, and state-of-the-art ergonomics. 

    Theragun are so confident in the G3PRO’s quality that they offer an industry-leading 2-year warranty.

    Unit Specifications: 

    • Rotating Arm: 4 positions
    • Amplitude: 16mm
    • Max Force: 60 lbs.
    • Number of Batteries: 2
    • Battery Life: 75 minutes
    • Battery Cell: 2.5 Ah
    • Number of Cells: 4
    • Battery Charger: Standard
    • Charge Time: 75 Mins
    • Customisable Metal Plate: Standard
    • Housing Material: Metal & Plastic
    • Shaft Diameter: 12mm
    • Warranty (Max): 2 Years
    • Case: Standard
    • Attachment Pouch: Standard
    • Charging Stand: Accessory 
    • World Travel Charger: Accessory 

    Attachment Details:

    Targeted relief for every muscle

    Everyone has a tennis ball. But our attachments have been precisely engineered to cater to everybody’s needs.

    The wide range of G3PRO attachments offer a different shape and level of firmness and are expertly designed to treat the unique needs of all muscle groups. The new attachments glide easily on the skin and clothes. Lotions, oils, and sweat can now be easily wiped away with the closed cell PU foam, making the attachments more hygienic.

    The attachments are fast and easy to swap out, allowing for speedy treatment.

    Name: Dampener

    • Description Line 1: For tender areas or near bones
    • Description Line 2: Low impact
    • Material: High Durability Silicone
    • Weight: 30 g
    • Dimensions: 50 mm x 41 mm

    Name: Large Ball

    • Description Line 1: For larger muscles
    • Description Line 2: Medium impact
    • Material: Low density open cell foam
    • Weight: 26 g
    • Dimensions: 65 mm x 63 mm

    Name: Standard Ball

    • Description Line 1: For overall use
    • Description Line 2: Medium impact
    • Material: Low density open cell foam
    • Weight: 10 g
    • Dimensions: 46 mm x 42.5 mm

    Name: Wedge

    • Description Line 1: For scraping, shoulder blades or IT bands
    • Description Line 2: Medium impact
    • Material: High density closed cell foam
    • Weight: 24 g
    • Dimensions: 57 mm x 44 mm

    Name: Thumb

    • Description Line 1: For trigger point therapy
    • Description Line 2: Strong impact
    • Material: High density closed cell foam
    • Weight: 10 g
    • Dimensions: 33 m x 30 mm

    Name: Cone

    • Description Line 1: For pinpoint muscle treatment
    • Description Line 2: Strong impact
    • Material: High Density Closed Cell Foam
    • Weight: 16 g
    • Dimensions: 35 mm x 50 mm