Sarah Florence Training

1118 Toorak Rd, Camberwell 3124 VIC

Sarah is a personal trainer with almost 10 years experience in the fitness industry. She favours training in the areas of strength and conditioning with a personal interest in Olympic Weightlifting. Working with people of all ages and abilities Sarah strives to make all of her clients happier, more confident and healthy versions of themselves.

Sarah first discovered Little Bloke Fitness in August 2000, placing an online order for some equipment. Having received high quality products and service Sarah again reached out to Little Bloke Fitness in October 2021 for assistance in setting up a new training facility in Toorak.

Working with a floorspace of approximately 60sqm the new facility was fitted out with a combination of new and existing equipment. In order to maximize floorspace a compact two cell rig system was selected, along with a number of smart storage solutions. A range of 360 Strength Bumper Plates and Premium Change plates were also put into place along with accessory equipment such as Kettlebells, Weighted Vests, Battle Ropes and Rings.  

Watch an interview with Sarah regarding her gym fit-out below:

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