Australian Made

As an Australian owned company that was started in a Coburg garage in 2009, we’re pleased to introduce a new range of equipment made in Australia using Australian steel and Australian labour. We’re starting small – with some heavy duty squat racks and power racks, but have a large range of products in various stages of development and hope to get more into production over time.

It’s not our first foray into local production. We tried to do this on a larger scale back in 2016, made our detailed plans and approached the government for a grant but got knocked back. We asked the bank for a loan and got knocked back, so we shelved the idea and focussed on growing our business until we were in a better position to be able to kick off some production in Australia. 

There are some product lines that are not economical to manufacture locally,  including Bumper plates, Rubber coated weight plates, Hex dumbbells and Olympic barbells, so importing equipment will always have its place and we have no plans to stop importing our high end range of domestic and commercial products. But we’ll slowly grow our locally made lines so we can give our customers the choice.

Unlike some of the local manufacturing companies that grew out of COVID-19 gym equipment shortage, we’ve been in the industry a long time, and know the difference between quality equipment that’s safe, aesthetically pleasing and a pleasure to use, and the cheaper, sometime unsafe equipment that is built soley for profit. We’re in this for the long haul and will ensure the equipment we manufacture is built to last. Ultimately, our goal is to produce a full Australian made range, that is well designed, fairly priced, high quality and will support local jobs and the community.

We’ve also registered as a licensee of the Australian made campaign : . If you’re looking for products that are verified as made in Australia, this is the place to go.

You can see the current range here: and keep an eye on our socials for more Australian made products - the range will be increasing. If you’re in the industry and would like to work with us – reach out, we're always keen to collaborate.