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Our rig systems are built with modularity and customisation in mind, enabling us to adapt our racks and rigs to specific needs through a wide range of attachments and accessories.

From J-hooks and spotter arms to help you lift, to wall ball targets, trawling arms and flyout ladders, rope attachments, dip bars, and a heap of specialty pull up bars / spheres, along with storage components - our rig attachments and accessories allow us to customise to any requirements.

If we don't have it, we can always make it!

If you can’t find what you’re after, need a custom configuration, installation or would just like more information and pricing on our rig systems and accessories, give us a ring on 03 9462 3943 or email us at info@littleblokefitness.com.au.

And don't forget - we ship and install Australia wide with highly competitive shipping prices.

    55 products

    The 1RM Rig System

    A well planned gym uses its space efficiently and with the pull-up rig a core parts of any gym, it’s critical to get a system that is versatile enough to fit your vision, and durable enough to withstand anything you can throw at it.

    Every component from the 1RM Rig system is CAD Designed, Laser Cut and Robot Welded to ensure you’ll get a the quality you need for your space - whether a ten cell fitout, or a single cell for home and with three different height uprights, heavy duty custom j-hooks and spotters, 4 styles of chin-up bars and over 25 accessories – you’re sure to find a configuration to suit.

    The 1RM Rig System offers:

    • 75x75mm 11 gauge (3mm) steel uprights with:
      • 150x150x10mm foot plates
      • Laser cut holes and numbers
    • 32 x 5mm thick Chin-up Bars
    • 8mm end plates on components
    • Over 25 accessories
    • Free Standing, Wall mounted, Braced and Unbraced
    • Unlimited customization options

    To discuss what rig system accessories are best for your needs, give us a call today on 03 9462 3943 or email us at info@littleblokefitness.com.au

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