Home Gym Vs Commercial Gym

Home Gym Vs Commercial Gym

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If you’ve got the fitness bug over the summer, you may be concerned with keeping up the momentum over the autumn and into winter. While the cooling down of the weather makes for a much more comfortable workout, the darker evenings could leave you wanting to just stay in rather than make the trip to the gym. For this reason you may be looking to convert your garage into your own home gym, but before you take the plunge you may want to look at a few pros and cons.  

Pros of Home Gym

Cons of Home Gym

Save money in the long term on membership Limited space in your garage
No queues for equipment at peak times Limited equipment dependent on budget
Privacy Fluctuating temperatures
No time-wasting commute Equipment maintenance
Open 24/7, 365 days Home distractions
Get the family involved  
  As you can see, there are a lot of positives but a lot of concerns to take into account with choosing a home gym too. With flexible financing available on all of our equipment and standard manufacturer warranty, it can make kitting out your home gym a much more achievable option than buying bit by bit. However, when it comes to commercial gyms there’s a variety of pros and cons there too, including:  

Pros of Commercial Gym

Cons of Commercial Gym

Variety of classes Crowds at peak times
A range of services and assistance Commute
Large selection of equipment Open and closing times
Air conditioning Queuing for equipment
Social aspect  
  Taking all of this into account, ultimately we think it comes down to preference, convenience and how much time you have on your hands – one of the biggest stumbling blocks for a lot of people going to the gym is often that when they get home from work the last thing they want to do is throw their gym clothes on and drive there. With a home gym this isn’t an issue and your workout can be completed at your convenience – the barbell plates or running machine will always be there waiting for you. So whether you simply want to install a rowing machine in your spare room or having freed up some space in your garage for a power rack, you’ll find the options available to you by Little Bloke Fitness are affordable and convenient.