Nohrd Wall Bar - ASH (10 bar)

SKU : 12103

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The 10 bar timber stahl bars (or Stall Bars) in Ash from the NOHrD Wall Bar range are contemporary take on a classic piece of equipment.

The fine woods used to manufacture NOHrD Wall Bars, along with its curved silhouette, present a high-quality piece of furniture which will blend in effortlessly to your interior.The safety cords on the built-in side side arm ensure safe training and retract automatically when folded up.

This purchase price is for the solid Ash wood system with built in side arms and foldout chin bar, but they are also available in oak, cherry and walnut woods.


  • Measurements: 230 x 80 x 13cm (H x W x L)
  • Distance to wall: 6cm
  • Weight with 10 bars: 20kg.
  • Weight with 14 bars: 21kg.
  • Distance between bars (10 bars): 17.5cm
  • Distance between bars (14 bars): 10cm
  • Max. User weight: 160kg.

Also available in 14 bar model, and in Oak, Cherry, Walnut and Club. Contact us for pricing.

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