Lifting Chains

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The following piece was written by Brodie Sguerzi, a regular little bloke customer and the guy that put together our lifting chains packages. Thanks Brodie.


Chains are an invaluable yet simple piece of training equipment, and only limited to uses by your imagination. They can be used as:

  • Accommodated resistance, similar to Resistance Bands without the overspeed eccentric's and harsh effects that bands can have on the CNS (Central Nervous System). The primary objective of this is to achieve adequate resistance throughout the entire range of motion of lifts like the squat, bench press and deadlift. 
  • Straight weight, to be added to bodyweight exercises such as chin-ups, pushups and dips without the use of a dip belt. Either by draping them around the neck or by making a loop with the use of a carabiner and wearing the chain like an ammo belt.

 - Can also easily be added to a cable attachment to put a new spin on old favourites. 

*Showing the proper setup of the bench and squat for chains..

*The setups for conventional and trap bar variations of the deadlift.

 Recommended amounts of chain needed for the given lifts.


 Under 90kg       - 1 chain per side

90kg - 180kg    - 2-3 chains per side

180kg+             - 3 chains or more per side



 Under 90kg     - 2 chains per side

90kg-140kg     - 2-3 chains per side

140kg-180kg   - 3-4 chains per side

180kg+            - 4 chains or more per side