6 Tips for a Better Deadlift

6 Tips for a Better Deadlift

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The deadlift is an amazing exercise that will give you a load of benefits if mastered and committed to. It is possibly the best exercise for working your hamstrings, glutes, back and grip strength. Try these pointers to help improve your technique and get bigger, stronger and faster. 

Go For Lower Reps

When deadlift sets move into the higher rep range, form can begin to go out the window and injuries can occur.

Deadlifts are a great exercise for building strength, and even though you can get great cardio benefits out of doing high reps on deadlifts, it’s best to stick to the lower power and strength building rep range.

Working within a 1-6 rep range allows you to focus on your technique and push your deadlifts to the max. Slow down and try to get each repetition perfect, rather than slogging through to meet a set number of reps.  

Warm Up For Your Deadlift Properly

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Keeping your reps low doesn’t mean you can’t warm up properly. After getting your heart rate up doing some cardio or other back exercises, warm up with light weight deadlifts. Do a couple of low-weight sets of 5-8 and then slowly increase the weight from there. A proper deadlift workout should incorporate about eight to ten sets. That amount of sets will give you time to warm up, and gradually increase the weight to finish on a few 1-2 rep heavy sets.  

Push Through the Floor

A lot of the time finding the right way of thinking about something can greatly improve your technique. One concept to consider while deadlifting is the idea of driving the floor away, rather than pulling up a dead weight. Push through your heels and drive the floor away from the barbell. Thinking of it this way might help you engage your leg muscles in the correct way and keep your back straight.  

Keep Your Core Strong

Your abs and lats should be tight throughout the duration of the set. Keeping your core tight will ensure your back doesn’t round and keep you free of injuries. Keep your core tight, and the bar close. Your body should be strong and compact. It’s important to have a strong core to prevent injuries and to boost your overall strength. There are plenty of great core strengthening exercises with or without equipment that you can do from home. There’s a lot you can do with a mat, some resistance bands and a medicine ball.  

Strengthen Towards A Heavier Max

Help your body reach its deadlifting potential with assistance exercises. Strengthen your hamstrings and legs with leg press, and Romanian deadlifts. Work on your explosive lifting power with some kettlebell swings. Additionally, strengthen your core with planks, teaching your body to stay tight and strong. Doing these secondary exercises will help you up your maximum deadlift weight faster.  

Get In The Right Mindset

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Deadlifting is hard work.
You need to attack each set. There’s no point doing them unless you are there to really work. They also can be dangerous if you aren’t focused on what you’re doing and allow your back to round. Alternatively, get the right mindset, and they can be extremely rewarding. They will leave you feeling strong and accomplished. So get a little aggressive, get primitive and attack the weight. Deadlifts are hard work, but should ultimately be rewarding and enjoyable in their own way. It’s a special kind of exercise that you can go all out doing and leave the gym feeling like you’ve really put some solid work in. Try these tips and get to it!