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PRE-ORDER - Expected Late May | 309kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plate Package


  • 309kg in Calibrated Steel Plates
  • 50.5mm diameter center hole
  • Precision Calibrated +/- 10grams
  • Hard Chrome coating
  • Colored Text / Stripes for easy identification


Built for precision and high durability, our powerlifting plates are designed for serious lifters. These plates are manufactured from steel to offer a far greater tensile strength compared to cast iron - which is substantially less prone to breaking or deforming. They conform to highest quality standards and offer a slim size, with minimal weight deviation and easy to identify colouring. 

These plates are machine calibrated to perfection, with a hard chrome coating meaning no paint & weight loss.

This package includes:

  • TWO x 0.25kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plates
  • TWO x 0.5kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plates
  • TWO x 1.25kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plates
  • TWO x 2.5kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plates
  • TWO x 5kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plates
  • TWO x 10kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plates
  • TWO x 15kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plates
  • TWO x 20kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plates
  • EIGHT x 25kg Calibrated Steel Weight Plates


  • Materials: C45 Steel with chromed plating
  • Collar Opening: 50.5mm
  • IPF compliant specifications (however, not approved for competition use).
  • High precision machine calibrated plates (does not require calibration plugs)
  • Colored Text / Stripe for easy identification
  • Exacting tolerances of +/- 10 grams per plate
  • Traditional IWF colours for immediate identification of weights.


Size Diameter (mm) Thickness (mm) Color Text / Stripe
0.25kg 112 4.5 Black / NA
0.5kg 134 6 Black / NA
1.25kg 160 9.3 Black / NA
2.5kg 190 14.5 Red / Red
5kg 228 17 White / White
10kg 325 18 Green / Green
15kg 400 19 Yellow / Yellow
20kg 450 19.6 Blue / Blue
25kg 450 22 Red / Red


  • Three years