Barbell Babes

3/52 Bakers Rd, Coburg North VIC 3058

Barbell Babes Brigade is a purpose-built female strength training facility located in Coburg North, Victoria. Rochene Hawley – founder, owner and head coach has been in the industry for over 10 years, 5 of these in her own facility – with a focus on building a strong and passionate community around her.

We first worked within Rochene back in 2017 to help her build her first facility. Since the initial fit out we have maintained a strong relationship with Rochene and in 2022, after significant growth, were proud to work with her again to fitout a bigger facility - and thus “Empire” was born. We were super excited to be involved in the development of this modern, cutting edge facility, assisting in the relocation of some of the existing equipment as well as the installation of a whole lot of new equipment.

With a focus on powerlifting, the ground floor fit out design at Empire includes all the essentials – super strong rig systems, benches, barbells and lots of plates – including custom branded, chrome calibrated steel powerlifting plates. To provide color highlights throughout, we  arranged for customised colour branding plates on all black equipment supplied – introducing pops of pink on the equipment to complement the artwork murals, neon lights and pumping tunes. It’s really like no gym you have been to before.

Moving to a larger facility also meant there was space for new equipment – lat pull downs, a leg press / hack squat, functional trainer, leg curl / leg extension machine, GHD, plyo boxes and more. Hex dumbbells, kettlebells, battle ropes, sleds and slam balls round out the conditioning gear and smart storage solutions allow as much open space as possible for deadlifts and dancing.

Smiling faces, hard work, supportive relationships, an electric atmosphere and quality equipment. That’s what you can expect to see at Barbell Babes Brigade. 

Watch an interview with Ro regarding her gym fit-out below:

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