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Foam rollers

Foam rollers are incredibly useful fitness tools that are used to relieve adhesions and improve balance. Muscular adhesions (also known as knots) can cause pain and tightness, resulting in discomfort. These specially designed rollers can be used to apply pressure to the muscles and work out knots. If utilised correctly, the applied of pressure from foam rollers is similar to that of a deep tissue massage.

At Little Bloke Fitness we stock a selection of foam rollers that have been sourced from well-known brands. You can choose from various textures, sizes, and densities, to suit your personal needs and preferences. We also stock a range of massage balls to help with a more targeted approach.

Need advice?

At Little Bloke Fitness, we stock a large range of fitness accessories accessories to suit all types of training purposes. We can offer personalised advice based on your needs and type of training, whether you’re a professional lifter or just starting out with weight training. Simply call us on 03 9041 1953 or email us at info@littleblokefitness.com.au and we’ll be happy to help.

Purchasing online

Once you’ve found the right equipment for you, click on it and select ‘Add to cart’. From there you can choose whether you’d like to pick up your purchase from our store in Melbourne, or have it delivered to you. Since everything on our website is in stock right now, we endeavour to dispatch your order within 1-2 days of receiving payment from you. That means your package will get to you fast, and for great value delivery prices too. We also offer a range of payment options so that you can choose the method that suits you best – from Paypal, to credit card, to bank deposit, to cheque or money order.